The Love Your Magic Conference is a FREE conference for school-age Black and Brown gxrls that provides them with the support and skills they need to stay engaged in school and build healthy relationships, with the desired outcome of preventing school push-out. The Love Your Magic Conference provides its participants with the opportunity to engage in a series of interactive sessions that enhance their ability to practice self-love, self-advocacy, and sisterhood.


How do I connect to a live monthly Prayer Circle broadcast?

The first step to receive connection details is to sign up on the mailing list HERE.
Remember to place on your email account’s safe sender list.
You will receive call in-instructions by email, generally two days before the Prayer Circle is scheduled. You can connect through our free web conferencing ZOOM link or by phone.
Our Prayer Collective is hosted through the free software ZOOM. Please note that you do not need to have a Zoom account to join us for the live broadcast of The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective.
You are invited to attend each call 15 minutes prior to our live broadcast with Kaia Ra. A Team Angel will be there to help you ground, meditate, and listen to live readings from The Sophia Code.
If you have any trouble connecting to the live broadcast, or if you have any additional questions about attending our free prayer circles, please email us HERE.

How do I meet other Prayer Collective Members on the Official Forum?

You’re invited to become an important member of our growing international community through Facebook by joining The Sophia Code Official Community Forum HERE. After each live Prayer Circle broadcast, our Initiates from around the world connect on the official forum to reflect upon, share, and continue in our collective prayers.

How can I listen to previous recordings from The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective library?

For membership access to over three years of Prayer Circle recordings, you are invited to sign up for our Private Members Website Access.
This membership community platform is coming soon! Be sure to sign up on our email list HERE to be the first to know when this opportunity is ready.

What is The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective?

The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective was founded in 2015 as a free ministerial platform for Kaia Ra to activate, heal, and empower as many Lightworkers as possible, to meet this worldwide need regardless of financial contribution. This is a non-denominational ministry guided by teachings from The Sophia Code and overlighted by the Ascended Master High Council: The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective arose from Kaia Ra's prayer to educate, guide, and mentor a growing community of international Lightworkers in how to embody a Divine Feminine Christ movement for activating the sovereign divinity of humanity. Many Lightworkers who have financially struggled to afford quantum healing and spiritual education regularly attend our prayer circles to work on their next-step empowerment.

Kaia Ra has personally funded The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective for 4 years and as of 2019 this free offering will now be operated under the umbrella of The Sophia Code Foundation, a non-profit educational entity registered in the state of Arizona.

The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective currently serves as our virtual temple and online meeting space for The Sophia Code Foundation. This virtual temple space serves as a blueprint for the physical Divine Feminine temple facilities and meeting spaces that will one day be built by The Sophia Code Foundation.
Until that goal is reached, the monthly prayer circle online broadcasts are now considered the official meeting platform of The Sophia Code Foundation for serving our international community through this free ministry. You can learn more about our long-term goals for The Sophia Code Foundation HERE.

You can learn more about our long-term temple goals for The Sophia Code Foundation as they are released. Thank you for your patience as we develop further offerings for our Foundation's future growth and service to the public.

You can sign up for the mailing list to attend every monthly call of The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective HERE.

For membership access to our amazing library that includes 3 years of Prayer Circle recordings, please stay tuned as we unveil this community platform very soon.
You can make a donation to The Sophia Code Foundation HERE.




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