Our History:

Love Your Magic was founded in 2017, when womxn of color educators from Boston, Massachusetts came together to discuss the criminalization of Black and Brown gxrls in school. During this discussion, the womxn had an opportunity to discuss the disproportionate suspension rates of Black gxrls in school. Fueled by their reflections and personal experiences within the education system, the womxn had the vision to create a conference that would empower Black and Brown gxrls to practice advocacy, self-love, and sisterhood.​

Our Work

Love Your Magic (LYM) is a grassroots organization committed to the healthy development of Black and Brown gxrls. Founded in 2017 by a group of Black and Brown Womxn educators in Boston, Massachusetts, LYM began as a conference designed to respond to and disrupt the disproportionate amount of Black and Brown gxrls that were being “pushed out” of schools. The work of Love Your Magic has since expanded to include robust programming and initiatives designed to empower and support Black and Brown gxrls through an emphasis on self - advocacy, self - love, and sisterhood. We believe that self-advocacy, self-love, and sisterhood can impact Black and Brown gxrls’ educational pursuits and experiences. Our work equips Black and Brown gxrls with the tools to advocate for themselves. We provide a space for gxrls to tell their stories, develop their self-esteem, and celebrate each other. As a commitment to embracing and acknowledging the varying identity and experiences of all Black and Brown gxrls, including trans - gxrls, we emphasize the importance of the term “gxrls” as an inclusive one.